We believe that Christianity is a life-long journey of following Jesus. Whether you’ve recently begun following Him or have been on the journy a long, discipleship is learning from Him and growing closer to Him. The groups and classes here are intended to help you as we journey together.

Everyone is welcome at Horizon. There are no requirements in order to come learn, fellowship and grow. As you grow and seek to become more involved, the next step is to become a Horizon Partner. As a Partner, you can serve in leadership positions and become a voting participant for selection of elders, determining the annual budget and other major decisions.

Partnership requires:

  • Public expression of repentance of sins and faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord
  • Water baptism in accordance with the New Testament
  • Completion of the partnership class
  • Involvement in an HCC LIFE group or other discipling relationship
  • Regular attendance at the corporate services of HCC
  • Financial commitment to HCC

The Partnership class is two weeks long on a Sunday morning. Check the calendar for the next class. You can attend the class to find out more information without pressure or obligation.