Sunday Ministries

Golden Living Service – Galt

  Sunday morning service: A casual Sunday morning service is held each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. at Golden Living Center. Each service consists of worship music; sharing, Bible reading as well as visiting and offering encouragement to the residents that attend.
Location: Map
1st Commitment is Sunday 10:30-11:30. Music Leaders rotate and generally lead only once per month.
Contact Tiffany Bamert 745-0700(x10) or Email: Tiff

Café – Galt

  Whether you like coffee or not, serving in the Heart Rock Café is a latte fun!! Enjoy making drinks for our wonderful patrons, meet new people & serve God at the same time!! About one hour every 4 weeks is all we ask!! No previous experience needed, of course, we would be happy to train you!! We have two options:
1st service(8:00am-9:00am)
2nd service(10:00am-11:00am)
Contact Cindy Parkerson 745-0700(x17) or Email: Cindy

Greeters – Galt & Lodi

  Do you like to smile? Do you enjoy meeting people? ‘Greeters’ is one of the largest ministries at Horizon and we are always in need of folks willing to step-up. All it takes is arriving 30 minutes before the start of service, welcome folks to Horizon, pass out bulletins, assist with the collection of the offering and making sure that the big-room is presentable for the next service(i.e. restocking offering envelopes, pick up bulletins left behind.)
Commitment is for one service, once every 5 weeks.
Contact Tami Anstess (916)690-1612 or Email: Tami

Main Street Host/Hostess – Galt

  Main Street is the place where folks come to have their questions answered, turn-in paperwork or sign-up for an upcoming event. We are a one-stop-&-shop for such needs as a youth group calendar, pamphlet on a ministry, submit a fee for Hume Lake, or ask when the next baptism is or to be directed where a class is being held.
Each two person team rotates every 5 weeks.
Contact Tami Anstess (916)690-1612 or Email: Tami

The Clean Team – Galt & Lodi

  We currently have 8 teams who take turns cleaning the church the saturday before OR right after a Sunday service. Our goal is to provide a safe, great smelling, awesome looking building which God has provided. We don’t want a bad smell or lack of cleanliness to get in the way of someone meeting Jesus at Horizon.
Teams rotates every 4 weeks, the longest you would be at the church is an hour and a half. (usually less)
Contact Ken Parkerson 712-6191 or Email: Ken

Worship Team – Galt & Lodi

  The Worship Ministry’s purpose is to create an environment that draws people into worship through music. We generally create teams, which get music about a week before rehearsal so we can come prepared to practice together as a team.
Commitment is a rehearsal mid-week and three services on Sunday and personal practice time. Audition is required.
Contact Jeff Carl 745-0700 or Email: Jeff

Multimedia Team – Galt & Lodi

  Work in the sound booth, controlling the video and audio recording, as well as the lights. Ability to focus and work under pressure is a must. Training will be provided.
Commitment is for both services.
Contact Micah Stevenson (209) 712-0205 or Email: Micah

Guardian Angel Security – Galt

  The goal of this team to be vigilant, observant, and be present for any safety needs. If serving outside you can choose to drive or walk around the parking lot in the golf cart or personal car while service is going on. If inside you typically walk around hallways checking in with teachers and just be a safe presence inside building. You must be 18 or older to serve on this team.
Teams of 2 rotate once every 4 weeks.
Contact Kevin Brown 745-0700(x16) or Email: Kevin

Grounds Team – Galt

  Help to keep the outside of the building and landscaping looking good. This could include both help with landscaping and other outside clean-up, as well as painting.
Contact Ken Parkerson 712-6191 or Email: Ken

Prayer Corner – Galt

  The prayer corner is a ministry for people to come and pray with you after church services. If you love to pray and have good listening skills, this is the ministry for you.
We ask that you serve at least once a month and can be at the 8:45 service or 10:45 service in Galt.
Contact Tiffany Bamert 745-0700 or Email: Tiff

Prayer Partners – Galt

  This ministry’s purpose is to pray for the church staff, elders and their families on an ongoing basis. They will come to the church before church services and pray in the big room- chairs, classrooms, café etc. They will pray for the service and for opportunities for God to touch and reach out to others.
Participants would rotate once a month.
Contact Tiffany Bamert 745-0700 or Email: Tiff