There are a variety of options, topics, and locations to choose from.  If you are not sure what group is for you, contact and he can help you find the best fit.

What are LIFE and GROWTH Groups?

LIFE and GROWTH groups are groups of people who meet together once a week or bi-monthly to grow in Christ, have fun and connect with others.   There are various types of groups; something for almost everyone.  Most groups start meeting the first week of February, June or October! GROWTH groups are trimester based (8-12 weeks long).  LIFE groups are on-going (don’t have an end date but topics change). It is time to CONNECT!

Available Small Groups/Growth Groups

Life Groups: Join a Bible study/Life Group with other families, couples, or individuals in the same stage of life as you! Contact Kevin for a detailed LIFE Group list!

Healed & Set Free: There is no current session to attend

Growing Strong: This is a group discipleship class starting on Fall 2018. For more information and sign-ups, check the Growing Strong Site.