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Horizon Bicycle Club (HBC)
The Horizon Bicycle Club (HBC) is for anyone who is interested in bicycling as a fun form of exercise and a challenge, for both the avid cyclist as well as those who haven’t been on a bicycle in years. 

The HBC has two rides that rotate years and both raise money to support charities around the world. Mission 360 (M360) occurs on odd years and is a six day, 360 mile bicycle ride down the coast of California from the Watsonville area in northern California to Malibu in southern California. Our second ride is the North Coast Challenge (NC2) which occurs in even years is also a 6 day, 333 mile ride starting just South of Eureka in Fortuna and finishes by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

HISTORY of the Horizon Bicycle Club

The HBC was formed in July 2005 at the end of the first Mission 360 (see below) ride with the primary purpose to continue to encourage those who had worked so hard and achieved so much to continue riding.

With the continuing increase in interest and excitement each year for Mission 360, the HBC has expanded to offer a variety of weekend and mid-week rides as well as special events throughout the year covering a variety of terrains and levels of difficulty, abilities and interest. From January through June the ride schedule will include training rides of increasing distance and difficulty to prepare for the more challenging rides and events held throughout the season.

The sponsoring organization for M360 and NC2 is Horizon Community Church in Galt, CA, and the ride, among other purposes, serves to support a chosen charity for that year.

These rides offer one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime. Whether you are on M360 riding down the coast of California from the Santa Cruz area in northern California to Malibu in southern California. Or on NC2 winding your way through the Avenue of the Giants from Fortuna to San Francisco, riders are fully supported. An enthusiastic crew will drive SAG vehicles, cook all meals (and clean up), and provide transportation to our starting location and from our finishing point. 


M360 rides occurring on odd years contact Kevin Brown at (209) 745-0700 x16 or

NC2 rides on even years contact Dave Sherlock at (209) 663-2682 or