Here are four 3 minute videos that explain the three 2:7 series books that Growing Strong uses

Overview of 2:7

Quiet Time and Journaling

Testimony and Bridge

Scripture Memory

Growing Strong is for those who want to:

  • Grow strong as a follower of Jesus
  • Stay strong 
  • Help others grow strong as a follower of Jesus

The 2:7 Series (which Growing Strong uses) deals with foundational discipleship issues.  It deals with the basics of the Christian Life.  The basics are basic, but they are also essential -- for every Christian for an entire lifetime.  The dynamics in The 2:7 Series help people establish or stabilize the Christian basics in their everyday lives. 


Growing Strong will help you to follow Jesus more closely by:

  • Becoming consistent in daily reading and living by the Bible.
  • Learning the key principles for growing strong.
  • Memorizing a few key verses that will transform your life and ability to help others.
  • Learning how to pray more effectively.
  • Learning how to communicate the gospel.
  • Carefully reading almost the whole New Testament (if you take all three of the 11 week Growing Strong courses).


Growing Strong will require:

  • A daily "Quiet Time" -- 10+ minutes a day reading, learning, and applying the daily Bible reading passage.
  • 1-2 hours a week preparing the weekly Bible Study.
  • Weekly attending your Growing Strong small group.


The only cost is $15 for the 2:7 workbook.

Starts the week of September 13th.


Read Horizon Community Church testimonies about Growing Strong (2:7).


For more info call or email:

Larry Stirlen (916) 505-4958