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Night to Shine | Nor-Cal

Host Church

Hutchins Street Square, 125 S. Hutchins St. Lodi, CA 95240.
NTS@horizonweb.org (209) 745-0700 Ext. 16

What is…?

Honored Guest

Any person with a physical, cognitive, or developmental disability who is age 14 and up. 


Volunteers need to be flexible and must be able to meet with your team and attend a required training.  Volunteers also need to be able to pick-up their ticket/name tag (date to be determined) and be able to attend be on time for NTS 2020 (If serving on-site)


Buddies is the perfect volunteer position if you want the full Night to Shine experience!  As a buddy escort, you are responsible for accompanying and assisting your assigned Honored Guest throughout the evening providing companionship and any assistance they may need during the evening.  Buddies need to be age 16 or older (unless have a letter of reference) and are responsible for accompanying and assisting their assigned Honored Guest throughout the entire evening, providing companionship and any assistance that the Honored Guest may need.  Must be willing to dress-up for prom and dance!  Must be flexible, you are there to serve your Honored Guest.  You will need to attend the mandatory training and arrive to NTS 2020 on time.

Parent/Caretaker Reception (Respite Room for parent/caregiver of Honored Guest)

Up to two can register for our Parent/Caretaker Reception, per Honored Guest; space is limited.You will be invited to watch your Honored Guest make their way down the red carpet, and then enjoy the Parent/Caretaker Reception for the rest of the evening.We want to allow our Honored Guests to engage with their peers during the prom, but we ask that we leave the event for the Honored Guests and their Buddy’s.Parents/Caretakers will be able to watch a live video of the prom from the Reception Room.We want the experience to be fun and safe for everyone.

What are the different volunteer positions?

Positions for Volunteers who Cannot Attend The Event

Assemble Honorable Guest Gift Bags

Each Honored Guest of Night to Shine will receive a gift bag at the end of the night with souvenirs from their prom experience. This team will oversee making sure all items make it into the bags.

Donation Committee

Connect with various business to discuss possible donations.

Dress Boutique

Assist at the various boutiques, to help our Honored Guests say yes to the dress.


Assist with helping our Honored Guests make the right fit for their special evening.

Hair, Nail, Make-Up (Day of)

Looking for hair stylist, make-up artists, and manicurists to assist our Honored Guests in making their Prom night glamorous.

Ticket Pick-Up Booth

Assist with distributing tickets to our Honored Guests.

Positions for Volunteers who Can Attend the Event

Belonging Check In/Out

If you like to work behind the scenes, this is a great team for you!  You’ll be responsible for taking coats, labeling them and hanging them.  As Honored Guests leave, you’ll do it all in reverse!

Buddy Check-In

Check-in is the most important team at Night to Shine!  The check-in team oversees the Buddy check in.  Check-in will include greeting people, directing them to the correct check in area, checking them in.  Buddy’s will be escorted to their Honored Guests where they will be paired with them for the evening.

Clean-Up & Tear-Down

When the party's over, it’s your time to shine!  You’ll help get everything packed and loaded up.  With all hands-on deck, we’ll be finished in no time!

Dance Floor Host

Host our Buddy’s and Honored Guests on the dance floor.  Assist with any needs they may have. 


Assist with decorating the various areas of our Night to Shine.  You will be required to meet early the morning of Friday, February 7th, at Hutchins Street Square, to help set-up.


This requires a certified EMT.


Every prom Honored Guest deserves a corsage and boutonniere and the flowers team is there to make it a reality!  This team is in charge of passing out and pinning all flowers to our Honored Guests as they arrive at prom.

Food for Honored Guests, Buddy’s, Volunteers

Our food teams are tasked with assisting with set up, preparations, and serving of food and drinks to the different groups of Honored Guests, Buddy’s, and Volunteers.  If you have food service skills, this is the perfect team for you to share your gifts!


Greeters are vital to the success of Night to Shine!  Greeters are tasked with welcoming, directing and responding to various needs of honored guests, parents and volunteers.  We want to make sure that every person at Night to Shine feels like the Kings and Queens they really are! 


Our karaoke room is one of the biggest hits of prom!  The karaoke team is responsible for greeting and welcoming Honored Guests into the room, assisting them with song selection, and cheering them on during performances.

Parent/Caretaker Reception (Respite Room)

Help us love on all the deserving parents by serving food, spending time getting to know them and just making them feel loved and appreciated. 


This team will oversee the parking patterns and traffic flow of Honored Guests and volunteers as they arrive by directing them to appropriate drop off and parking areas.  Limos are one of the most cherished experiences of Night to Shine!  The Limo Team will coordinate with the parking team for the limo route.  This team’s primary responsibility is assisting Honored Guests as they enter and exit the limos.   

Photo Booth

What is prom without prom pictures? The step and repeat photo booth are where each Honored Guest and buddy will have their prom pictures taken.  Each Honored Guest and buddy will receive a card with a link to their online photos.  Making sure each picture gets to its proper recipient is a top priority for this team.


Be a part of capturing every memory of this special night.

Quiet Room & Specialty Care

This room is specifically designed to comfort Honored Guests who may have become overstimulated on the dance floor or in other areas of the prom.  There will be various sensory activities to help aid in an overall calming experience.  The Specialty Care will also be assisting buddies and their Honored Guests with any other needs that our Honored Guests may have. 

Red Carpet

Our ‘paparazzi’ is one of the funniest teams at prom!  This team is placed along the red carpet to cheer on and welcome each and every Honored Guest to prom.  This team is encouraged to take pictures with their phone and post them to social media using various Night to Shine hashtags.  At the end of the night, this team will assist in the exit process for Honored Guests and their buddies.

Set Up

Arrive the day of the event, February 7th and execute the event set-up from signage and therapeutic rooms.  This is where it all comes together!


Even the guys deserve pampering at prom!  The shoeshine team will coordinate and welcome our male Honored Guests to the shoeshine area as they receive the all-star treatment for their dancing shoes!

Volunteer Check-In

Check-in is the most important team at Night to Shine!  The check-in team oversees all aspects of volunteer check in.  Check-in will include greeting people, directing them to the correct check in area and checking them in.

Welcome Team for Honored Guest

Check-in is the most important team at Night to Shine!  The check-in team oversees all aspects of Honored Guest and pairing them up with their Buddy for the evening.  Check-in will include greeting people, directing them to the correct check in area, checking them in, preparing the Honored Guest and their Buddy for their Limo ride, and guiding parents/caretakers where they will be able to go next.