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Horizon Univeristy


What is Horizon University?

Horizon University Overview:

Horizon University is designed to equip church members with the tools for deep and effective Bible study. This program attempts to recreate a college level biblical studies experience in the context of a local church family environment.  Classes can be taken independently or as part of a certificate program.  The certificate program is non-accredited but does seek to emulate a typical Bible degree from a university.

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Courses Open for Registration:

Bible Study Methods - Completed

Next Course - Coming Soon!

Horizon University Course List

Bible Study Methods

Hermeneutics – Bible Study Methods


Intro to Christian Theology


Christology in OT and NT Context

World Religions

Study Project

A guided written reflection of the most influential theological finding during your studies.


Old Testament Studies

Intro to the Old Testament

Composition of the Hebrew Bible

Old Testament Poetry

The Book of Daniel

The Book of Psalms


The Prophets

Intro to Biblical Hebrew

New Testament Studies

Intro to the New Testament

The Synoptic Gospels

The Life and Letters of Paul


Biblical Languages

Intro to Hebrew

Advanced Hebrew

Intro to Greek